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One Million Books in Just Ten Days: The Final Reckoning

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Recently, First Book promised to distribute one million brand-new books to kids in need across the country in just ten days. Those ten days are up, and we are as good as our word. Better, even … altogether we distributed

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It’s Raining Books in Milwaukee

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Last week First Book  distributed close to one million books in Seattle and  Minneapolis. This week, we have a team in Milwaukee, Wisconsin distributing 420,000 books to programs and schools that serve kids in need. Of those 420,000 books, more than

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One Million Books in Just Ten Days

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UPDATES! Pictures! Cute Kids, Smiling Volunteers and Boxes of Books How Things Went in Seattle How Things Went in Minneapolis How Things Went in Milwaukee The Final Tally Want to get involved in our next book distribution? Click here to

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First Book Friday: Making It Happen in Milwaukee

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Today’s blog post comes from Gina Rullo. Gina has been an employee of First Book since October 2010 and is a Recipient Group Coordinator on the Help Team. She is from the Albany, NY area and moved to Washington, DC

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Milwaukee’s Best: Books to Kids in Wisconsin, Chicago, and Around the Country

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First Book was in Milwaukee last week, getting books to kids. We’ve been on the road a lot this summer; we try to spread our massive book distributions across the country so that schools and programs that can’t afford the

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