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It’s Not Too Late to Give New Books to Kids in Need

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Sunday is New Year’s Day, which means a lot of taking stock, figuring out what you want to do and how to finish all the things you meant to do last year. We hope that one of the things you

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It’s Not Too Late! You Can Provide New Books for Kids in Need This Christmas

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First Book distributed eight million brand-new books to kids in need this year. That’s a LOT of books, and those books have the power to change a lot of lives. And, with your help, we want to do even more

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Giving Where It Works

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At First Book, we work hard to make an impact: we put over 8 million new books into the hands of kids in need across the country this year. And we’re mindful of how many amazing organizations there are out

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This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Reading to Kids in Need

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If you’re like many of us, you grew up in a home filled with books, and so you understand how important it is for children to get excited about books and become enthusiastic, capable readers. But there are 30 million

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Feel Great, Do Good

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The goal of any great bedtime story is to inspire sweet dreams. Unfortunately, millions of children never have the opportunity to enjoy a bedtime story because they don’t have books to call their own. First Book and our partner, philosophy ™,

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A Big Announcement … Disney Donates EIGHT MILLION BOOKS to First Book

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We hope you’re sitting down, because we have some big news. Today at D23, the annual gathering of the world’s Disney fans, in Anaheim, Calif., our friends at Disney announced that they were donating 8 million new books to First

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Shop at dd’s DISCOUNTS & Donate to First Book

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Today’s guest blog post is from Julia Falkenstern, a Strategic Alliances coordinator at First Book. Julia works with First Book’s corporate partners to ensure that children from low-income families throughout the country have the opportunity to own new books. This past

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More Books to Kids! Help First Book Win $10,000 from The Case Foundation

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The Case Foundation is celebrating the end of summer with a back-to-school sweepstakes on Facebook. The winning nonprofit will receive $10,000. So if you want to help First Book get more books to more kids, visit the Case Foundation’s Facebook

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Goodreads, Give Books

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Earlier this month we were happy to announce that First Book joined forces with Goodreads, one of the largest online communities of readers, to bring more books to more children this summer. This summer the Goodreads community will be reading ‘A

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First Book Friday: Summer Learning Day

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In celebration of National Summer Learning Day, First Book was lucky enough to bring 150,000 brand-new books to the National Mall to stuff into backpacks going to children in need all over the country. Seeing the  the hundreds of volunteers that

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