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Cathy Was My Best Friend. Here’s How I Honored Her.

Judy and Cathy 2

Judy Willner is an educator and writing skills teacher for elementary school students in Philadelphia. When she lost her closest friend Cathy earlier this year, Judy decided the best way to honor her would be to set up a First

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How to Campaign Like a #FirstBookChampion

Ladist13u volunteer with disney book and kid

Being a First Book Champion is all about spreading the joy of reading to kids in need. Starting a campaign is the first step to becoming a champion. The next step is brainstorming – thinking of all the clever ways

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One Fan’s Campaign to Honor Her Favorite Book-Loving Celebrity

Kerry Washington

There is one woman who inspires Tesa Brand, a community volunteer and aspiring publicist from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Kerry Washington. Washington, the star of ABC’s Scandal, is an education advocate and avid reader. For her birthday last January, Washington started a

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This Girl Wrote One Email to Help Kids in Need

Elka v2

For thirteen year old Elka Longstreth, books have always been within arm’s reach, ready to transport her to another world. In fact, books are her world. Elka has books piling up on her desk and spilling out of the many

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New Books by our Favorite Authors

first image in article

Some of our favorite children’s book authors have been very busy in 2016. We are thrilled to share that their latest works are now available on the First Book Marketplace! Teachers Rock  – written and illustrated by Todd Parr From

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A Simple Bag of Books Can Help Beat Summer Slide

Books For Keeps smiling girl

Aliyah had always been a reluctant reader. While other students curled up with their favorite stories during reading time, Aliyah struggled to find books that captured her imagination. That is until Aliyah was introduced to Books for Keeps, a nonprofit

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Books Beat Summer Slide

summer slide infographic 2014 final

Classrooms packed, desks emptied, another school year is coming to a close. Summertime is on the horizon and for kids, that means three precious months of sweet, sticky freedom. But when kids from low-income families leave school for the summer,

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Celebrate National Poetry Month!


It’s April! At First Book that means it’s not just springtime, it’s the month that we celebrate all things rhythm, verse and rhyme: National Poetry Month. Here are five of our favorite collections to make poetry fun for kids of

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Stories For All: Todd Parr – It’s Okay to be Different

Todd Parr's books are now available through First Book

Author, illustrator, and macaroni and cheese aficionado Todd Parr, uses humor and bright illustrations to celebrate the differences that make us all unique. Most of Todd’s books are now available on the First Book Marketplace. First Book recently interviewed Todd

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15,000 New Books on the National Mall, Plus Celebrities, Cabinet Secretaries and Cute Kids

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On Saturday, volunteers from across the country joined First Book on the National Mall in Washington DC to celebrate President Obama’s National Day of Service by providing 15,000 brand-new books to DC-area children from low-income families. Click here to see

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