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Creating Success Stories for 20 Years

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Twenty years ago I was volunteering every week at a soup kitchen in Washington, D.C., where I met the most amazing children and families. As I got to know them, I saw how much they had to struggle, but I

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Happy Friendiversary! Mo Willems and First Book Join Forces to Bring New Books to New Orleans Kids

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Today is Friendiversary, when we celebrate the anniversary of our friendships. Think of one of your oldest and dearest friends. When did you first meet? How did you meet? That story is the story of your Friendiversary. First Book is

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Book of the Month: Barefoot World Atlas

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Our book of the month on the First Book Marketplace is the Barefoot World Atlas, which looks at all the ways that different cultures and communities across the world have been shaped by their environment. “Two years ago, our girls

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She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain

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Dear First Book, Thank you for giving us the books. We really like them. You guys have the best books ever because my little sister loves these books. I like the ‘Nancy Drew Goes to Hollywood’ one. Your books are

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“It was too noisy at my house and I knew if I came to school I could find a quiet place to finish it.”

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We Couldn’t Have Done It Without You

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We had a great year at First Book, thanks to the help of supporters like you. Together, we’re transforming the lives of millions of children in need by ensuring they have new books of their own to read. I want

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It’s Almost Friendiversary! Get Your Books Today!

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We see that you have a sad face, because the holidays are over. Luckily, you are as wrong as you could possibly be, because the biggest, best, most excellent, excitingest, fanciest, greatest holiday of them all is on its way.

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It’s Not Too Late! You Can Provide New Books for Kids in Need This Christmas

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First Book distributed eight million brand-new books to kids in need this year. That’s a LOT of books, and those books have the power to change a lot of lives. And, with your help, we want to do even more

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Books, Books, Books, Books, Books! First Book is Working Overtime to Distribute One Million Books by Next Weekend

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Yesterday we went to Nashville and picked up 50 cases of books for our organization that serves special needs and will be delivering them tomorrow at our basketball signups. This is going to be such an amazing thing for these

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BIG NEWS from First Book! We’ve Launched a Major Upgrade to the First Book Marketplace

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“The First Book Marketplace is trying to do for publishing what micro-finance did for banking: crack open a vast potential market that is underserved at significant social cost.” — David Bornstein, The New York Times, May 2011 We’re excited to

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