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A Market-Driven Solution to the Need for Diverse Books

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Last week, hundreds of thousands of parents, educators and readers of all ages issued a call for more diversity in children’s literature, rallying under the banner of #WeNeedDiverseBooks. The campaign spread quickly from Twitter to media outlets around the world

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How STEM Books Make a Difference to Girls in One Dallas Afterschool Program

[INFOGRAPHIC] STEM Education Makes a Difference in Children’s Lives - See more at:

One afternoon last week, a big box of books arrived in Miss Vicky’s classroom. After she explained to her students, who devote each Wednesday to studying science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), that the books were about “why things work

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[INFOGRAPHIC] STEM Education Makes a Difference in Children’s Lives

STEM Education Makes a Difference in Children's Lives

CLICK THE IMAGE TO SEE A BIGGER VERSION. Thanks to partners like Lockheed Martin, First Book is helping thousands of kids in need get the books and resources they need. If you work with children from low-income families, sign up

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Four Ways to Engage Parents and Families in Reading Time


Today is National Family Literacy Day, created by our friends at the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL) to celebrate families who are improving their lives through continued learning. This issue is an important one for the classrooms and community

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Across America in an RV With First Book

The Berg family and First Book volunteers with local children in New Orleans

Today’s blog post is by Brenda Berg, who loaded her family into an RV and spent over half a year traveling across the country. They called their adventure the Gump Trip, and along the way they distributed 6,000 brand-new books

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Free Books For Teachers No Matter Where You Live

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I have been signed up with First Book for several years. I teach kindergarten and first grade at Dayton Public Schools in the poverty-stricken inner city of Dayton, Ohio. I get plenty of emails from First Book, but have never

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First Book and Mind in The Making’s Ellen Galinsky: Reading Time as a Missed Opportunity for Life-Skills Learning

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The following is a guest blog post by Ellen Galinsky, president of the Families and Work Institute and author of ‘Mind in the Making‘. First Book and Mind in The Making have teamed up to create book lists and tip

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Help Your Favorite Teacher Get Free and Nearly Free New Books for Back-to-School

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Is there a teacher in your life who works with kids in need? First Book needs your help in connecting 5,000 new teachers, librarians, reading specialists and school administrators with nearly free and free NEW books for back-to-school. Anyone working

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The Lack of Diversity in Children’s Books, Charmingly Illustrated

The Lack of Diversity in Children's Books

The lack of diversity in children’s books is a serious problem, and one that First Book is working to solve through The Stories for All Project. This terrific piece by artist Tina Kugler illustrates some statistics from the Cooperative Children’s

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Kids Who Read Beat Summer Slide

Kids Who Read Beat Summer Slide

For kids, few moments in life are more glorious than the end of the school year and the start of summer vacation. Hooray! Three whole months of sweet freedom! But when school’s out, kids from low-income families have a real

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