New Books for Victims of Hurricane Sandy

You can help provide new books to children affected by Hurricane Sandy.As first-responders are working to provide these families with electricity, water, and other critical resources, First Book—in partnership with our local volunteers and partners—is raising funds to restock school and home libraries. After distributing more than 5 million books in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, we know new books can be valuable lifelines for those whose worlds have been turned upside down.

Your help will ensure that children in need will have new books — stories at bedtime, the chance to be transported to another world, and the opportunity to return to normalcy.
Click here to donate
Every $2.50 you contribute will provide a new book to a child affected by the storm.

Your impact will also be DOUBLED as each gift of $2.50 will be matched by an additional book from First Book’s publishing partners.

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7 comments on “New Books for Victims of Hurricane Sandy
  1. Norma O'Fee says:

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I work for a publishing company and am interested in donating books to your organization. Do you accept books or money only?

    Thank you.

  2. Brian Minter Brian Minter says:

    Hi Norma,

    We accept both cash donations and donations of books. To donate money, you can click on the link in the blog post above.

    To donate books, get in touch with our publisher relations team at, or leave your contact info in this comments section and I’ll have someone follow up with you.


  3. Norma O'Fee says:

    Great. Thanks Brian.

  4. Lisa Altham-Hickey says:

    I am a elementary school principal at the Freeman-Kennedy School in Norfolk, MA for grades 3-6. My school community would love to help the victims affected by Hurricane Sandy. Donating new books seems like a great way to get my entire school involved. Are you looking for new books or gently used books? If we box them, do you know if postage is covered?
    Should I contact the public relations person mentioned above or can someone contact me at school. 508-528-1266 ask for lisa

  5. Susan says:

    Our library would love to donate like-new children’s books. We will ship at our expense, if needed, for this cause. 508-758-4171. Please call me (library director) or email

  6. Brian Minter says:

    Hi Lisa and Suan,

    Those are such generous offers! I’m afraid First Book doesn’t accept used books, nor do we accept donations of books from individuals.

    We absolutely appreciate that you and your students want to help out, but because of the way First Book works, we can’t really accept individual book donations. For instance, we don’t actually have a warehouse of our own, we borrow one whenever we get a big donation in from a publisher. Typical donations to First Book from publishers are usually hundreds of thousands of boxed books at a time; literally truckloads of books.

    If your students wanted to donate books, especially used books, we might recommend Better World Books,

    Another option would be for your kids to set up their own Virtual Book Drive to raise money to provide books to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. You can learn more about that here:

  7. Maria Murphy says:

    I was doing a search on companies that would donate books to those schools that were affected by Hurricane Sandy. Our little beach town of Monmouth Beach, NJ has a small school of 313 students from Pre-K through 8th grade. Our town was affected by Hurricane Sandy and our school had 3 feet of water. The children are being relocated to different districts because they can not enter the school until it conditions are safe. Our school library as well as teachers classrooms were ruined because of the flooding and are in dire need of restocking our books. We as a community are trying to find organizations who would help us out by donating books. Please let me know if you may be able to help.
    My cellphone number is 732-233-7705.
    Thank you.