20 Years. 90 Million Books.

First Book Celebrates 20 Years of Bringing New Books to Kids in Need

Learn more about how First Book provides new books to kids in need, and how you can get involved, at firstbook.org.First Book Celebrates 20 Years of Books to Kids

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8 comments on “20 Years. 90 Million Books.
  1. Sean Stickle says:

    Happy 20th Anniversary, and thanks for all the good works and good books!

  2. Brian Minter Brian Minter says:

    Thanks, Sean! We are fired up for the next 20 years.

  3. Gates says:

    Happy 20 years and so proud to say my first job out of college was FirstBook.

  4. Joe says:

    Many congrats to you all!!

  5. AnneMarie says:

    Congratulations to the First Book Team. Our program has been a recipient of books for a number of years and it does make a difference to the children.

  6. Congratulations to First Book for 20 years of getting books to kids in need! Keep up the good work. I believe wholeheartedly in what you are doing.

  7. First Book says:

    Thanks to everyone for all the kind words. First Book is a team effort: without supporters and donors and teachers and publishers and community leaders, we wouldn’t have lasted a year.

  8. Marilyn Webster-Brown says:

    Congratulations on the wonderful work you are doing!