Half-A-Million Books, Waiting for New Homes

First Book is in Los Angeles this week, and we have half-a-million brand-new books waiting to be distributed to schools and programs serving kids in need in southern California and across the country.

As you can see, 500,000 books is a LOT of books. And a lot of work. But it’s also a lot of kids who’ll have books of their own to read. Woot!

Half-A-Million Books, Waiting for New Homes

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2 comments on “Half-A-Million Books, Waiting for New Homes
  1. That is fantastic. I myself collect and distribute books to underprivileged kids in my area. We do tutoring and story time also. One day I hope to see this many books in my warehouse!

  2. Brian Minter Brian Minter says:

    That’s fantastic, Abigail! Good for you. We’re fans of used books, as well, although First Book does distributed only new books. Be sure to let the programs you work with know about First Book; they can register for free and low-cost books: http://www.firstbook.org/receive-books