Blogger Mom Working for First Book and Literacy

Audrey McClelland and her favorite charity: First Book

The Lifetime Mom’s Clean Start Challenge is an online contest featuring three moms working to transform their communities. Each woman is competing to win $10,000 for her favorite charity, and one of the contestants, Audrey McClelland, has chosen First Book.

McClelland is the mother of four boys, ages two through six. And – as if that weren’t enough to keep anyone busy – she also blogs about fashion for moms at MomGenerations (featured recently on NPR).  For her service project, she is doing a book drive at a local YMCA.

Audrey told us that childhood literacy is near and dear to her heart. “Mothers respond very strongly to pleas to help kids get books,” she said.

Her own mother (a teacher) raised her to be a reader. “That’s what I was brought up around,” said Audrey. “The power of a book.”

Speaking of Audrey’s mother, in this week’s video, Audrey interviews her about the importance of reading with kids.

Check out Audrey’s videos on and give her your support so that she can help her community and help First Book.

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