Odds and Bookends: May 28, 2010

Mobile phones becoming more prominent than books among students
As the world of technology continues to expand, more children are reaching for cellular phones rather than books. It is vitally important to keep books in the homes of young, developing students as their presence has proven to increase the likelihood of children continuing on to higher education.

James Patterson’s resource for encouraging uninterested readers
Author James Patterson created a useful site for parents, educators and students to help find not only age-appropriate books but also titles which would be of interest to even the most reluctant readers. The site includes comprehensive lists of titles as well as reviews and additional information.

“What Interested You Most in the Times this Week?”
The New York Times challenges students ages 13 to 25 to share their opinions and reflect on articles and other media from the Times. Throughout the summer the Times will post their “favorite” every Friday and will continue to feature student responses on Twitter and Facebook.

Preschools in forests take root in US
A new type of school is emerging in a few areas of the US with the belief that young children ought to be having fun as they learn about their natural environment. These programs seek to quell the onset of disorders which arise in children in traditional schools such as obesity and attention disorders.

How to ensure the most stubborn students become avid summer readers
Not all reluctant readers can be treated the same. This list of recommended titles for summer reading caters to specific types of students and their interests to ensure that they not only read during the summer months but additionally develop a desire to continue reading.

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One comment on “Odds and Bookends: May 28, 2010
  1. teffanie says:

    @Mobile phones becoming more prominent…

    Possibly a marriage of cell / book should occur… maybe we could make a push to put more books on phones with apps, Kindle Readers, Mobipocket and the likes. If you can’t beat ’em…