Odds and Bookends: April 9, 2010

Nuture vs. Homework
After rushing around all day, many parents face dreading homework almost as much as their children. How much is homework a help and when does it become too much?

First Book Charity Concert!

A hip-hop group named Tanya Morgan is holding a concert in New York City to benefit First Book! If you’re in the area, check them out on April 30th at the Crash Mansion.

Children’s Book in 3-D on the iPad
See Here Studies releases the first 3-D storybook application for the iPad and iPhone, “The Wrong Side of the Bed” is a book about a little boy who wakes up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning.

“Arthur Author Animates Kids”
Author of the famous children’s books series based on Arthur the Aardvark and his friends has teamed up with others for an event at Kreft Primary School. Marc Brown is an avid literacy proponent and encourages kids to write stories of their own as well.

Hope to Close the Reading Gap
While the reading gap between girls and boys has always been a problem, some say that this gap can begin to close with the implementation of certain initiatives and by paying attention to boys’ and girls’ individual needs.

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