Odds and Bookends: March 26

Reading and Recycling Team Up to Increase Literacy
Stock Photography books are being upgraded to include basic words to teach youngsters how to read. Instead of letting these books fall into disuse from increased online activity, an advertising and communications corp has turned these books into literacy aids for disadvantaged children.

Listen to Famous Actors Read Children’s Books for Free
This website was created by the Screen Actors Guild designed to excite students about reading. Here you can listen to some of your favorite actors read children’s books aloud at no cost!

The Future of Children’s Book Publishing
In the technology age, even books are now going digital. Titles can be found on the screen granting kids access to explore accompanying games and activities. While not all authors are keen on publishing their books to the internet, some publishers are making headway.

Reading Rockets’ Rocket Blasts
If you haven’t already signed up, start getting Reading Rockets’ Rocket Blasts newsletter for great news about the world of literacy. Newsletters include links to articles about reading and learning disabilities, as well as other aspects of education.

Check Out Apple’s New iPad
ScrollMotion has been developing a blend of the iPhone and ebooks to create the iPad. Teaming up with notable publishing companies, ScrollMotion hopes to begin making textbooks digital followed by books for younger children.

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