Odds and Bookends: February 19

Ready, Set, Answer; Trivia quiz show promotes reading
Oregon Second and Third grade students compete in the Battle of the Books program, a reading quiz competition and incentive to encourage reading.

Found in Books

AbeBooks.com shares the oddities that people have found in books they have purchased. Items range from the literary to the absurd and have included teeth, money, and bacon!

Henry Sutton’s top 10 unreliable narrators
“From Huck Finn to Holden Caulfield and Humbert Humbert, the novelist provides an entirely trustworthy guide to some of literature’s slipperiest characters.”

Catching up with children’s author Mo Willems
The Houston Chronicle caught up with Mo Willems, author of two new books for silly people, Cat the Cat Who Is That? and Let’s Say Hi to Friends Who Fly!, to find out if he is silly too.

Cursive is, like, so last century
The San Jose Mercury News finds that while teens are more and more adept at texting and typing, old-fashioned cursive is a dying form of communication.

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