Snowed In? Read On!

In case you haven’t watched the news, all of us at First Book here in the Washington DC area are under about 2 feet of snow, with more expected on Tuesday. The government is closed, the roads are covered and many places have lost power.

If you are snowed in, bored or just tired of winter, we suggest now is the time to try a time-tested, perfect power-free alternative to computer games and all those electronic ways to bowl, dance, serve an ace or hit a home run. Settling in to enjoy a GOOD BOOK doesn’t require electricity or a wireless connection. Satellite dishes may be covered with snow, wires may be down, but READING A BOOK just takes a quiet nook and a willingness to enjoy the moment.

We’re big believers in the power of books to create kids who love learning. Encourage this choice this winter. Pick up a book and read aloud to the family in the evening. Sit with the kids at bedtime and share a favorite chapter. At the end of the snow days, you’ll have travelled far and wide and gotten to know characters both good and evil along the way.

And who knows, when the power comes back on and the snow clears, you might still want to sit together by the fire and share a good book with the ones you love.

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