How to Build Self-Esteem in Your Child

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Have you ever noticed that some people seem to live a charmed life and others seem to face problem after problem? Some of my friends are almost always happy, while others experience one drama after another. What makes the sun shine brighter in some people’s lives than in others?

I would argue that it all comes back to what we heard from our parents during our childhood. If a child is repeatedly told that she is special and can accomplish anything, she grows up believing that she has the power to overcome obstacles. She is willing to try new things, knowing that if she fails in her endeavor, it does not mean that she herself is a failure. Believing that she is in control of her destiny, she has a positive outlook on life which leads to greater happiness and success.

On the other hand, if a child is repeatedly told that he is not good enough, he will start to put down his own talents and abilities. He is less likely to try new things for fear of failure. When life throws challenges his way, he is more likely to feel as if he is a victim without the ability to affect the outcome. He easily becomes overwhelmed by the challenges of life.

Parents can make a significant impact on their child’s self-image through daily communications. How can you as a parent build self-esteem in your child?

  • Tell your child regularly how much you love him or her and how glad you are that your child is part of your family. Don’t assume that your child knows this.
  • When your child does something well, tell your child how proud you are of him or her. Describe what you thought your child did well. Use this opportunity to remind your child that he or she can accomplish anything with enough effort.
  • If your child does something that you do not like, talk about the fact that your child made a wrong choice rather than implying that your child is a bad person. This gives your child the power to make the right choice the next time and it maintains your child’s self-esteem.
  • If your child is nervous about trying something new, help your child envision success.  If your child can see himself or herself completing the challenge, it becomes less daunting.

I strongly believe that parents can help shape their child’s self-image.  As a parent myself and a children’s book author and publisher, I have made it our company’s mission to help build self-esteem in children through our books.  Our storybooks are all personalized, made one-by-one for each child to make the child feel unique and special.  Since reading at bedtime is a quiet time when parents can focus on their child, we have developed personalized storybooks that describe the child’s positive character traits.

We enthusiastically support First Book’s mission because giving children their very own books and helping them learn to read builds children’s self-esteem.  To support First Book, we have created a special free shipping code FSJ11435a. Each time a customer purchases our personalized storybooks using this free shipping code at, the customer receives free domestic standard shipping and First Book earns $10 per book sold!  This has the double benefit of making a child feel special by giving them their own I See Me! personalized storybook and helping another child receive a book who might not have otherwise.  With each book given, we hope to make the sun shine even brighter in the child’s life.

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