Joey McIntyre’s Let’s Get This Foundation Book Drive Generates 25,000 New Books

This summer, Joey McIntyre, a member of New Kids on the Block, teamed up with First Book to provide new books to children in need at every stop of NKOTB’s North American tour.

The Let’s Get This Foundation teamed up with First Book to host a new book drive in each city on the tour. Joey encouraged fans to bring new children’s books to be donated to an organization in the next community on the stop, as well as encouraged them to make a donation to First Book at As a thank you for their donation, fans received a free download of Joey’s latest song, Five Brothers and Million Sisters.

At the tour’s conclusion, more than 25,000 books and nearly $30,000 were donated! Thanks to everyone who participated in the book drive and make so many new books possible for kids in need across the country! Be sure to watch the thank you message from Joey and his adorable son Griffin below.

Thank You!!!! from LET’S GET THIS FOUNDATION on Vimeo.

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4 comments on “Joey McIntyre’s Let’s Get This Foundation Book Drive Generates 25,000 New Books
  1. Heidi R says:

    WOW That is amazing! See Joe! 5 Brother and A Million Sisters–There Ain’t Nothing We Can’t Do IN ACTION JOE!!! IN ACTION!!! Love ya–Joe! Thanks for lending your passion to the cause!

  2. Abbie Wilkins says:

    Reading this brought a tear to my eye Joe..truly amazing and I’m glad to know I was a part in making this happen. LET”S CONTINUE THIS and LET’S KEEP GETTING THIS Joey Joe!!!

  3. Diana Kunkel says:

    YOU GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! More than 25.000 BOOKS It´s amazing and I was a part in making this happen AT THE BOOK DRIVE IN HOLMDEL I helped collecting a part of all these books It was a funny and wonderful day LET`S CONTINUE THIS YOUR BRAVEHEARTS ARE ALWAYS WITH YOU WHATEVER YOU DO

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