Celebrate Global Literacy with The Big Read this week

Did You Know?
•    776 million adults globally lack literacy skills
•    75 million children are out of school

I’ll admit that I didn’t. This week is UNESCO and the Global Campaign for Education’s Global Action Week promoting youth and adult literacy and lifelong learning. 2009 marks the 7th annual Education for all Action Week and the Global Campaign for Education is asking you to participate in this year’s campaign called The Big Read.

The Big Read is one day when individuals, leaders, and children host reading parties to promote literacy all over the world. There are two ways to become involved with The Big Read.

Teachers can organize a reading party this week for their students. The Big Read asks that after the reading party, teachers ask all of those whom participated to write their names in support of those whom can not read or write in this world. Send the names to your local government representative asking them to share this issue with leaders in Washington.

Individuals can sign up to be part of a reading party or visit the Big Read Web site to add their name to the big book and take a stand against literacy.

For more information about The Big Read, check out the video and links below.

UNESCO and Global Action Week 2009
UNESCO Calendar of Events

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