2008 Project for Awesome!

It’s December 17th, do you know what that means? Today is the 2008 YouTube Project 4 Awesome (P4A), a one day online event where the YouTube community comes together to promote their favorite charities. P4A was started by brothers Hank and John Green, who decided not to write to each other during all of 2007 and instead made daily video blogs called the Brotherhood 2.0 project.

We’re thrilled that there have been so many P4A videos about First Book posted to YouTube today! Special shout outs go to KTeachOne, artisanmafia, PAINTthetown7, and bookwormchris who all created awesome videos promoting First Book’s mission to bring new books to kids who need them most.

Be sure to take a look at their videos and learn how to create your own P4A video by visiting the Project 4 Awesome Web site.

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One comment on “2008 Project for Awesome!
  1. It was a huge success and I was proud to be a part of it