First Book Recipient Group:Bess the Book Bus

Wondering where all the books go? Periodically we will profile one of the many organizations that receive books from First Book. We work with community programs that serve children from low-income families.

A woman holds books in front of a van.Group Name: Bess the Book Bus, Inc.

Location: Tampa, Florida

Children Served Annually: 2,000

Description: Bess the Book Bus is focused on spreading enthusiasm for reading within our community, schools and families. We provide the priceless joy of reading free to clients who are unable to purchase books due to both financial need and mobility constrictions. We currently serve twenty-five Head Start Programs, Metropolitan Ministries, The Spring, and several after-school and summer programs. This year’s literacy outreach will deliver thirty-eight thousand books into the homes of those who otherwise may not have the opportunity to own books.

An old van with big pink lips painted on the front.How do you use the books?: The books close the enrichment gap between home and school. They are given to children and families as part of our mobile literacy outreach. We read aloud to children in over thirty locations. After each reading, the child gets a book to take home for their library. By the end of the year, children have between ten and twenty books.

How long has you program been a First Book recipient group?: 6 months

How many books have you received from First Book?: 900 books

“Our first shipment from First Book was from the First Book National Book Bank. It included beautiful Eric Carle books. My class at Pinecrest Elementary was so excited to get the books. He is their favorite author. They shared a story with me story about how he creates his illustrations from tissue paper. Now, they are working on making a book to send to him with illustrations they create from tissue paper.” – Jennifer E. Pierce, Founder of Bess the Book Bus

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2 comments on “First Book Recipient Group:Bess the Book Bus
  1. Tony Grier says:

    Bess the Book Bus, Inc

    Is the hub of the literacy wheel!!
    Way to go Jennifer!

    Tony Grier

  2. Gloria Woodsmall says:

    Jennifer has a Golden Heart! If more of us would give an ounce of what she has, the world would be a better place! I’m proud of the you!