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As our faithful readers know, over the last 15 months Borders and its customers raised more than $1.6 million for First Book. All of the funds have gone directly to put new books into children’s hands, especially through the assistance of First Book Advisory Boards, First Book Recipient Groups and Borders stores across the country.

Our huge, heartfelt thanks goes to everyone who helped — we couldn’t have done this without you. Keep reading for a first-hand account of our collaboration in action.

Dear Matthew,

We made it! I spent the evening last night in the most beautiful Borders bookstore in Milford, Connecticut. I had called ahead as you suggested.

When I arrived, I went to the bi-lingual children’s book section and found two store employees pulling books off the shelves. I thought people had misfiled them and felt awful asking if I could see some of the titles they were pulling — they seemed so earnest and busy. I explained that I was there to spend a $500 gift certificate. They then revealed that the store manager had sent them to that section in preparation for my arrival and they were pulling books for me to look at!

I had mentioned very lightly to the store manager that I was interested in bi-lingual titles and books that came in both English and Spanish. They very proudly shared the information that they had helped with the fundraising for book giveaway projects.

With that as a backdrop, I read many fabulous books and finally settled on two titles that I purchased 45 copies each of. These wonderful books will be given to young children being cared for in family childcare homes here in New Haven and who visit the Connecticut Children’s Museum each week for an educational program called “Mornings at the Museum” with their providers.

With the help of First Book, we are able to give the children books of their own to add to their home libraries! Thank you and thank Borders!

Sandy Malmquist
Connecticut Children’s Museum

Stay tuned for more on how First Book Recipient Groups turn the funds raised from the Borders and First Book holiday campaign into new books for kids in need.

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