National Mentoring Month

Did you know that January is National Mentoring Month? This month, mentors and mentoring organizations across the country were highlighted for the positive impact that they have on young lives.

The Cincinnati Enquirer featured a story about three generations who were involved in mentoring, in which the successes of “mentee” inspired her to become a mentor for someone else. This mentoring relationship was made possible by “UC Med Mentors“, a program run through the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative and located at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

UC Med Mentors also happens to be a First Book recipient! Not only have they been granted books from a First Book Advisory Board, but they have also received books from the First Book National Book Bank, and have purchased books from the First Book Marketplace!

First Book is proud to support such wonderful programs by providing them with the educational materials they need to succeed. And I am especially proud of our support, because it just so happens that my mother founded UC Med Mentors!

If you are interested in mentoring a child, the MENTOR website allows you to locate a mentoring opportunity in your community.

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