Some Scary Titles for Halloween

Here are the books I found to be most scary.

In college, I was scared witless knowing I had to read Financial Accounting 101.

Later in life, What To Expect When Your Expecting gave me nightmares about what can go wrong during pregnancy.

Lately nothing has been scarier than reading the Kelley Blue Book Used Car Guide. It’s frightening how quickly new cars depreciate.

I’m terrified to read anything about retirement planning. A short pamphlet called How Much You Need To Retire sent me shrieking from my accountants office.

Sadly, as a child I clearly remember crying uncontrollably after reading a hardcover collection of children stories. Upon putting it back on the shelf, it fell and hit me on the head.

But perhaps the scariest of all is reading about the small number of books children from low-income families have in their homes. Want to help? Donate to First Book.

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3 comments on “Some Scary Titles for Halloween
  1. DietCokeKid says:

    Freddy….Freddy….is that you? It really is a Nightmare on Elm Street that there are kids out there with no books. What can I do to help besides donating?

  2. James F says:

    Thank you for your response and your interest in First Book. There are many ways to get involved besides donating. A great place to start is by joining an existing First Book Advisory Board or starting a new one. To locate the Advisory Board nearest you check out our Advisory Map.
    If there are no Advisory Boards in your area let me know and I can talk with you about how to set one up.

    Thanks again!

  3. :) says:

    The wooty of apple pie.