Advisory Board Successful Strategies

An easy way to reach out to Recipient Groups!

This is the first in a series of blog posts about “Successful Strategies” for First Book Advisory Boards.

We often get questions from Advisory Boards about how to notify new recipient groups that they are accepting book grant applications. Here’s a great idea submitted by First Book-Montgomery County, MD. First Book-Montgomery County wrote a press release using the template provided on the Advisory Board Online Resource Center. A personal quote from a board member was added to encourage the community to continue to support local fundraising efforts so they can reach all of the county’s neediest children.

First Book-Montgomery County, MD sent the press release to two newspapers and the community volunteer center. The board received over 35 inquiries about the book grant application from diverse recipient groups including homeless shelters, faith-based tutoring programs, and community programs from all areas of the county. The board is excited to complete their grant application cycle and begin getting books to the children in these programs.

If you’re interested in learning more about First Book Advisory Boards, please see our website to join an existing Advisory Board or start one in your area.

We would love to hear fom you. Please share your creative and entrepreneurial ideas to fundraising, networking, board recruiting, etc. etc. etc.

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One comment on “Advisory Board Successful Strategies
  1. Alice Burke says:

    I can’t say enough about this year’s donations to Kilmer Elementary in Trenton, NJ. There apparently were extras so you sent them out. The children were soo excited. In the past the elementary students are excited about the donation and even ask if they’re coming. Well this year, just as the school year was ending the PTA distributed the books. The middle school students were seen walking the halls with their noses in them!!! They could be heard discussing the different titles and making plans for summer reading; a rarity at this school. The Buford High series: The Gun and Someone to Love; along with one other that I can’t remember were definitely a hit. Thank you on behalf of Kilmer’s PTA and student body.