Time Lapse Video & Inteview Round-Up

If you haven’t read already, we had an amazing presence at BEA this year. I want to thank everyone, everyone, who helps make First Book such a success at what we do.

I setup a small web cam at our booth this year to try to capture some of the activity that goes into making BEA work. The software I used bogged down after awhile — it starts with one picture every 5 seconds (2.5 minutes per second of video) and slows down to 1 picture every minute or two (causing the video to speed up a bit.) Also, the camera fell over once or twice, so you may notice that it shifts or jumps once or twice.

And in case you missed them, here are some more videos of interviews with chilrdens’ authors that we conducted all weekend long:

Joshua Prince – “I Saw an Ant on the Railroad Track”
Kirsten Miller – “Kiki Striker”
Dave McPhail – “When Sheep Sleep”
Michael Buckely – “The Sisters Grimm”
James Patterson – “Maximum Ride”
E.D. Baker – “The Frog Princess”
Walter Dean Myers – “The Harlem Hellfighters”
William Boniface – “The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy”
Erica Perl – “Chicken Bedtime is Really Early”

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2 comments on “Time Lapse Video & Inteview Round-Up
  1. Jordan P. says:

    That is amazing – my favorite part is about 1:28 into the video, when Jen starts stacking the books for the James Patterson signing. They pile up one by one and then they all disappear – kind of looks like volume bars on a stereo going up and down…

    Great work on this Dave and First Book!

  2. Jen W. says:

    I have to say, I totally cracked up too when I saw the stack of books going up and down so quickly — it actually took about 20 minutes real time to get them all stacked like that, and to see it happen in about 2 seconds is pretty hilarious!

    Thanks, Dave for capturing the craziness of BEA!