Literacy & Justice for All Winner is Louisiana!

Our staff cheered as we finished the final vote tallies late last night! First Book could not be more excited that all y’all who voted chose to support our Book Relief initiative by choosing Louisiana as the state where we will hold the next 50,000 book distribution!

The 50,000 books will be sent to a donated warehouse in Louisiana and then organizations from across the state will be able to apply for books online — enabling them to choose the best titles for their programs. Our staff will meet volunteers at the warehouse and then sort through all of the books, getting them ready for our recipient groups.

Literacy & Justice for All Winner!First Book is serving schools, nonprofit organizations, school libraries, community government organizations, and other local programs to help rebuild libraries that were destroyed along the Coast.

Thanks to everyone who voted — and especially to BookExpo America for supporting our efforts! You have truly helped us bring Literacy and Justice to all!!

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Posted in BEA 2006
6 comments on “Literacy & Justice for All Winner is Louisiana!
  1. I am casting my vote for Arizona. I volunteer with Arizona Book Pals. Please let me known what I can do in Arizona. I would like to see the company that I am a business partner with become involved on a national level. We have approximately 500,000 Independent Business Owners in the company. From a corporate responsibility standpoint, that’s a lot of readers volunteering to go into schools to read to kids to fight illiteracy. The owners of the company are two brilliant visionary twin brothers (Dennis & Daniel Bloom) that demonstrate what Corporate Mystics are all about. I know I like to have fun reading to kids, but they have a gentleman in their company by the name of Mark Jarvis who has a Texas drawl that will make Dr. Seuss come alive!! God has bless this organization with some true “Pay it Forward” individuals across the country. I enjoy reading with Arizona Book Pals and seeing the eyes on the kids light up and get excited when they know in their hearts that someone really cares for them. The more comfortable a child feels about reading, especially out loud the greater his chances are for success later in life. I want AmeriPlan USA to not only be the “Gold Standard” in the discount health benefits industry, but to also be the “Gold Standard” in the fight against illiteracy.

    Cornell A. Poitier, Regional Sale Director
    Phoenix, Arizona

    Dennis and Daniel Bloom
    AmeriPlan USA
    5700 Democracy Drive
    Plano, Texas 75024

    AmeriPlan USA
    Regional Sales Director

  2. Many thanks to everyone who voted for Louisiana as the site for the “Literacy and Justice for All” book distribution! Special thanks to the fabulous First Book staff, BookExpo America, and the publishers who provide the books for our children. Merci beaucoups!!

  3. Ms. C. Sand says:

    Please let me know how I can apply for these books. I teach in a very low socioeconomic school in Rapides Parish.
    Thanks! :)

  4. Dave M. says:

    Ms. C. Sand, check out this page:

    It should have all the answers you need. Otherwise, please feel free to contact one of our National Book Bank staff members directly:

  5. Kay Brown says:

    THANK YOU FIRST BOOK! See you soon. Kay Brown

  6. Kay Nelson says:

    FirstBook has given thousands of needy children in Louisiana an opportunity to have their own books at home. Kay Brown of Union Parish, LA, has been the caytalyst for distributing thousands of books to Even Start Family Literacy sites across the state. A love of reading and a love of learning will benefit low-income families in Louisiana for years to come. Thank you, FirstBook. Kay Nelson, Even Start State Coordinator, Louisiana Dept. of Education