First Book Interviews James Patterson

We opened the morning with a James Patterson book signing at our booth. His book, Maximum Ride, has been wildly successful – and it was easy to tell by the number of people waiting in line to meet him…

James, like many other authors, was very generous to give us an interview after the signing – and he said some great things about First Book. Thanks to James for doing the signing and interview on behalf of First Book!

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9 comments on “First Book Interviews James Patterson
  1. Sheila S. says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for all the “blogging” from BEA! It’s really neat to be part of a First Book LAB in rural Ohio but still be able to experience such an awesome event and share in the excitement. The author interviews are great, the pictures are wonderful, and as usual you make me proud to be a part of such an amazing organization!!

  2. Jen W. says:

    Thanks, Sheila! Hope all’s going well in Norwalk… we miss you guys. (Norwalk was one of my favorite book distributions last year!)

    One of the funniest moments connected with the James Patterson signing was when we were setting up beforehand and an attendee came by and asked “Is it really going to be THE James Patterson… signing HERE?” She seemed to be very surprised when I proudly told her that yes, THE James Patterson was coming out to support First Book… I felt a bit like the “Little Organization That Could!”

    Thanks, James, Ned and Michelle for making it all happen for us!

  3. Kumquat Tartlett says:

    Really good interview.

  4. Doris says:

    just finished reading Judge & Jury loved it!, Mr. Patterson never disapoints me!!! Please do more Alex Cross and the Womens murder club, love them all!! Thanks for all the GREAT reading!

  5. Ruth Kolek says:

    First time I’ve watched/listened to one of your/James’s interviews. It was interesting, informative and I enjoyed hearing & your/his books, even the-out-of-print books, and have read most of them. I especially appreciate his talent in writing such a variety of subject matter for all readers, (mysteries, murder,thrillers, tender romance, and Maximum Ride,(for kids like me), plus santaKid! Thank you James for getting me back into the enjoyment of reading again. Ruth K age 65!

  6. Maggie says:

    James, I have read my very first book 1st to die and have learned how to read well now. I am hearing impaired and have hard time to understand english and I have learn and understand better english. Thank you and you are my fan. I loves your books now and am continuing learning more how to read better. Please email with authgraph photo. I love your books

  7. Julia says:

    Dear James Patterson,
    Hi my name is julia carlin and i am in the fith grade and go to panter run elementry school. all the kids in my class have gotten attached to maximum ride. i started to read them and now every book report i do it about you or one of your books. my teacher is also crazy abbout your books, and we were wondering if you can come and see our class and talk about your self and your books. but one thing i have to say is that our class is your bigggest fans. when we see something in the newspaper about you we take it and show it to our class. so please if you can e-mail me back or write me somehow we would love if you can somehow fit it somewhere in your schedule to come and visit our class.
    thanks-julia carlin mrs. brennan’s 5th grade in panther run elementry,

  8. julia carlin says:

    dear James Patterson,
    Hi its me again julia carlin. i wrote you before asking you to come to our school and met us. but i wanted to say that our school is in west palm beach. we know you live close so we ask you to somewho if you can to come and met us. i talked to my teacher and she said if you cant met us at our school, then we can met you somewhere. so please if you can e-mail me back and we would love if you can spend an hour or so of your time to come and vistit us. and our school is in west palm beach.

    thank you, julia carlin mrs.brenna’s fith grade class-west palm beach in panther run elemtry.

  9. It is just so wonderful to share my favorite author with my children with Maximum Ride. I only wish the Women’s Murder Club on the “small Screen” had really done Mr. Patterson’s work any justice….
    I hope your readers will post their reviews of his work on my Squidoo lens at